Google Ad / Pay Per Click

If a company is looking for a fast ROI (return on investment), pay per click campaigns are the quickest way to engage with in-market users. PON offers PPC campaign management, ensuring that the money you spend is utilized productively.

Services include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Effective Ad Creation
  • Geographical, In-Market Targeting
  • Remarketing Campaigns

Display Advertising

The average consumer is bombarded by countless amounts of display advertising when they are browsing the internet, watching their steaming services, and even on social media. Consumers have become numb to display advertising and often immediately scroll past. PON will create effective static displays that draw a consumer’s eyes and lead to online conversions. We will help develop a targeting strategy that will help find users that are in-market and not waste advertising dollars on “cold” consumers. Service includes:

  • Creation of Static Displays
  • Develop Programmatic & Retargeting Strategy
  • Track Display Ad Performance
  • Create Audience Lists