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One question I get asked a lot is: which advertising avenue should I go down?

The answer is really simple.

If your website is already well-established and SEO and SEM are not needed, then invest in social media because that is most definitely the future of advertising. It is also low-cost, and you reach a huge audience. If you want to reach your customers who haven’t done business with you in awhile, e-mail marketing is the way to go. It is so important to send out an email monthly to remind your subscribers that you’re here for them.

“Keep you top of mind” is something we say a lot in the marketing world.

If you’re completely completely new, website was just built, you have no social media, no internet presence whatsoever and you want to generate leads FAST, the answer is paid search advertising. This will get you traffic quickly, but you will have to invest in a little bit of everything to gain a return.

And there you have it! I have seen people write lengthy articles about nothing and they are supposedly covering this same topic, but friends, this is really it!

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