You need to think about a few factors when determining the ideal duration for your TikTok, including the app’s algorithm, user preferences, and the kind of material you’re producing. The finest video durations on TikTok have never been disclosed in the media. But using data and study, we can hazard a relatively accurate approximation. The ideal TikTok length, according to internal TikTok statistics provided to creators in the middle of 2021, was between 11 and 17 seconds. That amount, however, had climbed to 24 to 30 seconds by the year’s conclusion. A TikTok poll, as reported by Wired, also revealed that respondents thought films greater than a minute were stressful. All of this suggests that TikTok users prefer shorter films, but the network has recently begun encouraging lengthier movies for a variety of reasons.

The truth is that, despite the fact that user reaction times are currently lower, TikTok wants longer movies to help generate more advertising income (this is part of the reason Vine closed down since it couldn’t support its business model), which is why they recently decided to enable up to 10-minute TikToks starting in early 2022. As a result, TikTok video durations have grown over time, going from 7 seconds to 15 seconds to 3 minutes to 10 minutes. Despite this, it’s still generally agreed that shorter videos do better on TikTok. Stick to short TikToks as the site is still recognized for short-form content and you don’t want viewers to skip over your videos. However, social media is always evolving. Additionally, since TikTok has a financial interest to experiment with long-form material, there is a risk that the app’s algorithm could soon favor longer videos, so be adaptable.

Shorter videos consistently outperform longer ones on TikTok, as we’ve already established, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that lengthier films don’t have a place on the platform. The information you want to get across will determine how long your TikTok should be. Similar to this, you’ll definitely need to film a bit lengthier videos if you wish to promote a product, discuss your corporate culture, or provide a story time video, and that’s absolutely OK! Don’t feel that your TikToks always need to be bite-sized since longer TikToks may also garner excellent interaction.

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